Saturday, 13 February 2016

Hello  - here is a card I've made for a swap on UKS - for the Chinese Whisper General card swap. I promised I would do a man's card and as I've already said my hands have been real bad lately so I did this one a bot at a time and finally finished it last night - I quite like it. Hope you like it. Papers are Tim Holtz - including the image, inks used are Tim Holtz, Made the card base up from scratch. The other bits I had in my stash. Enjoy :)

Friday, 12 February 2016

What have I been up to so far this year

Hello and here we are already well into the second month of this year - I've done a couple of things - starting off with a postcard swap on UKS - these are my six postcards - took me ages to do them - my hands have been very bad!! So here goes

And then I did a canvas - only a small one for a swap on UKS - it's a catty one  - not really what I had planned originally - but that is always the way with me -  I start off with one idea and end up with something else - hope you enjoy it -


Sunday, 10 January 2016

As you can see the posts are all upside down - but I am new to this or should I say out of practice - so last but by no means least - here's Sam's (I knew I shouldn't have said it was going well - lol)

Right everyone's name is on the top corner of the mosaic except mine - not sure what happened there. I must also point out that my original card was made by me at The Stables Card Emporium in Harborough, Lincolnsire

Well this is going better than I thought - so here are the remainder - some very talented ladies!!

Wow I cant believe how long I have been away from my Blog, some of it is due to family issues and some of it is due to my failing health,

before Christmas I hosted a swap on UKS called the Chinese Whispers Christmas card swap. the idea was that we each made a card and sent it on via email, we would receive a card through the email and we would work on that idea and then send it on. The beauty of the swap was that it incurred no postal costs, it also gave us some different ideas to try out and we had the cards to use for Christmas - which was a big bonus. I have arranged the cards in a mosaic for each person and I think in each one your card is in the top left hand corner - if it's not I apologise. Some people have made 7 cards some 8 this is due to the fact that someone had to leave partway through to family pressures. Right ladies let's see if this is going to work:

So fr so good - here come some more:

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Kilt Pin

Now that I know Mr O has reached his destination and all is well I can post a photo on here - this is my first ever attempt at Kilt pins - what I had in my head is not what ended up happening - in part mostly due to the size of Mr O - he was much bigger than my pin so had to get a bigger pin and it sort of went from there  -

I didn't measure overall size before I posted him but he is lying on the top of my laptop to provide him with a white background! Along with Mr O there are 2 unicorns, 2 sets of padlocks and keys, an assortment of black beads and an antique bronze kilt pin, chain and jump rings.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Autumn is here!

Hello - it looks like the autumn has started early this year! Its getting dark so early in the day now - and I have been doing a few bits and pieces - so here goes -
 A lovely butterfly card - its ever so simple to do and is very effective - it uses washi tape and I've been looking for a use for some of my washi tape.

 This is a gift card holder - I love the big bow - that's using a Sizzix bow die and its easy to do and really pretty!
 This is my page for this month's Chinese Whisper journal - the picture is of our Tessa doing her meerkat impression! LOL.
 This card was made using a SU stamp - in white ink and then painted over with SU coloured inks .
 A mermaid card and below a birthday card I made using some toppers and doilies I've had for ages - I am trying to use up some bits and pieces.